Generis and USDM Life Sciences have partnered to provide a solution for Documentum clients looking to upgrade, move to a new platform, or replace FirstDocs with CARA. Generis has been providing software for content management since 2002, when the first version of CARA was released. CARA is the most advanced, fastest and most feature-rich user interface for Documentum, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter. CARA is supported by other modules such as DocSecure for watermarking and eSignature.

The USDM Life Sciences Generis VAP provides the components and services required to rapidly and cost-effectively meet FDA regulatory requirements:

  • Stay compliant with the latest releases of Documentum by using CARA to replace Webtop
  • Replace existing FirstDoc configurations with CARA configurations
  • Keep your existing business rules but converted into CARA business rules
  • Save on your combined FirstDoc + Webtop maintenance costs with the lower cost of CARA maintenance
  • Avoid the large costs of FirstDoc version upgrades
  • Retain your business processes and work procedures through USDM mapping processes


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    I have had the great pleasure to work with Bob for 5 years in his position of VP of Quality at Fisher Packaging Services while I acted as Director of Quality services at a sister…
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