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The USDM Life Sciences Project Team Delivers. You need results now. We write the detailed statement of work, assemble the team, kick off the project, and communicate through every step of the way. You watch milestones complete and review weekly status reports. You are secure in the commitment.  We complete the project exceeding your already high expectations and close the project down as promised. You recommend USDM Life Sciences to your friends and colleagues.  The USDM Life Sciences cycle of success repeats itself.

USDM Life Sciences Project Delivery Team possess the best in life science talent and capabilities, which align with each of our customer's unique business, compliance and technology needs. We have successfully executed hundreds of projects in life sciences, across all of our practices. Our project teams deliver to our customers planned milestones and project deadlines, helping them save both time, and money. USDM’s PMO ensures a proven, best practice, project management methodology and with the best systems and tools to monitor and track projects to completion and success.

How USDM Projects Works

USDM Life Sciences Practice Leaders and  PMO work with our clients to come up with a statement of work that outlines each deliverable, time required to complete the deliverable, milestones, various assumptions and cost.  We build in assumptions to account for scope, system availability, review time and review cycles to ensure that the scope and time is managed.


  • USDM Life Sciences' Project Delivery Team has proven success in delivering results – on time and on budget. Our team members understand each customer’s business processes, compliance needs and are experts in the applications and technologies involved in the project.
  • Project team members are only working on tasks against the agreed upon budget; you don’t pay for down time, ramp up or IT issues.
  • Project team members are only onsite as needed; you won’t have to find permanent space for them to work.
  • You have an agreed upon budget that you can use for internal budget planning.
  • You receive weekly updates (status reports) that show hours billed, progress against deliverables and milestones that are hit. This provides visibility and assurance that things are moving along and you can focus on other projects.


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