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How Much Should a Project Manager Micromanage a Life Sciences Project?

Kathleen Warner, Vice President of Project and Program Management Services and Solutions says the amount of micromanagement on projects depends on the experience level of the team.  For example, if there is a senior subject matter expert with a good track record on the team for a short term project, micromanagement of the project is not usually necessary.  Warner says a project manager should focus on delegating and facilitating tasks instead.  However, some long term projects may require micromanaging on a daily basis when you run into problems or have an approaching deadline.

USDM Life Sciences Project and Program Management experts are the perfect fit to help guide, lead and support life sciences organizations’ mission-critical project and programs initiatives across highly regulated areas, where compliance, technology and business intersect, to attain desired business results. USDM’s Project and Program Management Services and Solutions team can provide all of the required services needed to successfully manage your projects, your programs and your portfolio with consistent and standardized methods, processes and principles.


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