Laboratory Dashboards and Performance Management

Organizations are facing pressure to deliverable actionable information to users… opposed to having them plow through data to find the "nuggets" they are looking for. This requires that companies have access to the information along with the ability to combine, aggregate and integrate the information, and deliver "self-service" access to Business Intelligence for technical and non-technical end-users when, where, and how they need it.

Well-designed Business Intelligence (BI) applications can give everyone in your company the ability to gain insight into critical operations through enhanced reporting, dashboards, visualization and analytics. With USDM's powerful Performance Lab BI solutions, you can significantly enhance use of your existing applications, without rewriting them, to make the various information assets in your organization more timely, relevant and accurate to drive better decision making that impacts your bottom line.

Traditional business intelligence systems are delivered via host terminals or paper reports and often include the "insignificant many" performance indicators, key business metrics and multitude of other data which are collected and reported on a monthly basis giving you a "rear view mirror" look at where the business has been. 

Performance Measurement

USDM has developed a framework for measuring the performance of your laboratory enterprise and lab practices to evaluate their effectiveness and demonstrate strategic business impact. USDM's performance lab business intelligence suite will empower you with the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about how to better run your business by:

  • Utilizing key business metrics (KBMs) which focus on the "vital few" rather than the "insignificant many"
  • Using management dashboards and KBMs to make better real-time decisions and manage your lab more efficiently
  • Measuring what matters
  • Having forward visibility rather than "rear view mirror" visibility to your lab performance

Contact USDM's team of experts to begin working with you, in conjunction with our Performance Lab and Business Intelligence practices, to tailor a measurement program uniquely customized for your organization to accurately demonstrate performance results to key stakeholders.


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