Electronic Lab Notebook

Although information collection, searching, publishing and sharing is nowadays almost completely done in electronic form, there are still islands where collection and capturing of information is done in the traditional way – Laboratory notebooks seem to be one of these.

To a large extent, scientists still gather their experimental data in the form of handwritten notes and print-outs or cut-outs stuck into their notebooks.

Collecting information in this manner means that the vast majority of such data cannot be easily shared with others. It remains hidden and unused. Worse yet, it increases the probability of human error and attendant inaccuracies in the data.

Like most computer users, scientists are not in favor of adopting additional computing tasks unless they explicitly benefit from them. ELN has been designed to provide an "all day, every day" application workspace for scientists – a central repository for ideas, data and knowledge created from data analytical experiments.  Built upon practical knowledge of IT systems, our ELN solution is based upon knowing that scientists have better things to do than learn how to use complex software.

Contact Agilent & USDM's team of experts today for an introduction and demonstration in implementing electronic lab notebooks to increase your data collaboration/data sharing abilities, acquire and analyze data much faster and more accurately, increase your sample throughput and increase your lab compliance through faster and more accurate data gathering and analysis.


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