Our short term focus is to help healthcare providers meet the requirements of the Federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). This Act specifies an Implementation Plan from 2015 to 2023. Some requirements are already in effect (January 2015); others are imminent (May and July 2015).

USDM helps Healthcare Providers and Pharmaceutical Dispensers establish the necessary controls and procedures for 2015 through the use of our existing processes, templates, SOPs and guidelines. USDM can continue our support to meet the more advanced requirements of the Act. In many cases, this requires improved IT systems for product tracking. In parallel, USDM helps implement improved scanning and auto ID capabilities to accurately identify, track, and allocate pharmaceuticals. We engage with clients in an educational and consultative role and as an onsite partner to structure, implement and train healthcare teams on the process and system changes.

In the longer term, USDM’s capabilities span the healthcare spectrum from manufacturers to wholesalers to healthcare providers. This industry presence and USDM’s current and future partnerships with technology partners ensure the best system and solutions are available to improve data management and best integrate the diverse systems and technologies in healthcare facilities. USDM’s understanding of these interactions and relationships supports healthcare providers realize the short term and long term opportunities for compliance, improved efficiency and ultimately better data management, better healthcare and better patient outcomes.

We bring a holistic view to understanding current challenges, how they affect your organization, and how you can leverage this changing landscape to drive measurable business value. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or healthcare provider, the impacts of these far-reaching changes in the healthcare market cannot be assessed solely within the four walls of your organization. To be competitive over the longer term, you must consider the impacts to both your upstream and downstream trading partners. This is the USDM difference – our team of experts have practical experience working in every segment of the healthcare industry and see opportunities that others do not.



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    I have had the great pleasure to work with Bob for 5 years in his position of VP of Quality at Fisher Packaging Services while I acted as Director of Quality services at a sister…
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