Clinical Study Standardization

USDM’s Methodology for Standardization of Clinical Studies allows you to rapidly startup your studies and to save time and money for your clinical trials.

USDM has been able to help companies reduce study startup time by more than 50% and to reduce the database lock time from 40 to 14 days. We accomplished this by:

  • Defining core standards that could be used across studies
  • Identifying a single vendor for the client to work with for all studies
  • Defining, building, and testing core study components
  • Developing a process for creating study-specific designs

Standardize Clinical Studies by qualifying base and core platform functionality to be reused for each study:

  • Define study core standards that will be used across most/all studies
  • Define process for creating study specific designs using standards for all studies
  • Only study specific changes need to be defined, built and tested moving forward


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