Remarque and USDM Life Sciences have partnered to provide an end-to end program for designing, deploying, and managing Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) trials involving a combination of Remarque ’s product and USDM’s industry consulting services.

USDM and Remarque, are partnering to deliver a cloud-based integrated RBM platform that will:

  • Provide comprehensive, purpose-built, risk-based monitoring software application for designing, deploying, and managing Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) trials
  • Use advanced visualizations, analytics, and machine learning for robust risk prediction, detection, analysis and management
  • Fit into existing R&D ecosystems with no new software/hardware requirements
  • Provide the implementation, validation, and configuration services to enable a compliant RBM solution
  • Ease burden and increase the ability to scale with increasing maturity and complexity

The USDM and Remarque solution includes:

  • Comprehensive Cloud-Based Remarque RBM Software Application
  • Validation Accelerator Pack (VAP) / Qualification Package
  • USDM Implementation Services
  • USDM Project Management
  • Business Process Optimization and Engineering
  • Change Management to drive adoption of RBM

Read about our Validiation Accelerator Pack (VAP) for Remarque


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