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What Are Some Challenges to Implementing a Clinical ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Solution?

One of the challenges is the complex legacy architecture. There is an IT investment cost that generally can drive into the millions. Oftentimes, companies do not want to consider large content management solutions because they can be expensive. Nowadays, the average number of years it takes for ECM solutions to be fully implemented is somewhere between seven to nine years. Oftentimes, companies will go through personnel changes before the implemented solution is fully deployed.

The IT investments in this area are quite considerable. Take time to consider as many scenarios as possible when choosing an ECM platform, as these systems are long term solutions.

The USDM Life Sciences Clinical Services and Solutions team provides our clients (from start-up Biotech to large Pharma/Device) with the latest technology, processes and strategies to assist with efficiency, quality and compliance in any scenario and offers our clients a cost-effective, proactive and unified partnership in goal achievement.


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