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Bob Lucchesi


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Bob Lucchesi is the Vice President of Regulatory Compliance, Quality Assurance and Auditing at USDM Life Sciences

His expertise extends to several USDM Life Sciences practice areas, including Enterprise Quality Management, Enterprise Content Management, Quality Management Systems, and Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Bob offers almost 30 years of experience in quality assurance and regulatory compliance in pharmaceuticals, bio-tech, medical device, engineering and nuclear industries.

Among his many accomplishments, Bob gives presentations on a variety of compliance and regulatory subjects worldwide, including most recently the new ASTM: E2500 model for validation and a variety of life science auditing topics.

Bob has led audit teams for Quality, mock FDA, policies and procedures, Part 11, NIST, supplier-vendor (internal, external, sterile, non-sterile, manufacturing, logistics), mock recalls, and major life sciences assessments. Bob is also an expert in risk based validation methodologies, GAMP, enterprise content management, data and content migrations as well as overall pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory issues.



  • Clintrak - Jeffrey D. Coffin
    I have had the great pleasure to work with Bob for 5 years in his position of VP of Quality at Fisher Packaging Services while I acted as Director of Quality services at a sister…
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